The Practice

I previously thought that writing to a prompt was a writing process that one surrenders to in order to get to the “real writing process.” Now I understand that this process is the real writing process. That one can write fiction, non-fiction, short stories, etc. through prompts…confirms what I have always known as the true connection to divine knowing… The writing is not coming from me but through me, if I can just keep myself out of the way long enough. —Stephanie Hawkins

Writing from the Body’s Wisdom

When we release our conception of what writing “should” be and allow the wisdom held in our bodies to guide our pens, we express our true selves. Creative writing—memoir, fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction—evolves naturally and fearlessly out of these explorations.

women_writing_soul_makingCentered Writing Practice, a body-centered freewriting technique, is the core of ClarityWorks writing classes, workshops, and writing retreats. This distinctly feminine approach to the creative process opens the way for us as women to dive deeply into the heart of what matters to us and to express that in our writing. The resulting confidence manifests as the courage to face perceived obstacles in the external world, and as the fearlessness to move past vulnerability to confront the self-erected limitations of the inner world.

As women, we yearn for a different approach to writing. No matter our age or writing experience, participants discover that the courage and fearlessness developed through Centered Writing Practice spills over to all aspects of our lives. Fearlessness and the resultant healing happens effortlessly as we share our writing in the community of the writing circle. Our stories lead us into discovery of the deepest part of ourselves, and become the avenue for learning from one another.

Once we have spoken our truth, we can, if we wish, craft the product—novel, short story, memoir, poem, essay—with our school-learned tools. The work we have created in written form then reflects the complexity and fullness of our human experience.

—Peggy Tabor Millin
Writing teacher, Writing coach


Why ClarityWorks classes and retreats shine—

Groups are usually small with 12 or fewer women
Peggy participates fully and writes alongside her students
Inspiration, understanding,  and support come from the entire group
The individual can choose to work on a specific project within the circle
Individual attention is given to your writing
The structure allows time for both writing and group interaction
Results are concrete—a full notebook of ideas, memories, prompts, and writing tips