Zen Mind, Writer’s Mind: August 2-4, 2019

A Retreat For Women If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving, and could do nothing, perhaps a huge silence might interrupt the sadness of never understanding ourselves. —Pablo Neruda FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 6:00 pm - SUNDAY, AUGUST 4, 12:OO pm Take a weekend from your busy life to listen to the … Continue reading Zen Mind, Writer’s Mind: August 2-4, 2019

Land of Little Rain

The word aridity is one I use as a synonym for what others call writer’s block. Aridity can mean “having insufficient rainfall to support agriculture” or “lacking in interest and life.” Perhaps I use the word because I grew up on the Colorado Desert of California, a place that truly seems “godforsaken.” Given a cloudburst … Continue reading Land of Little Rain


Two-CD set, 2 hours  $16.99 or as an MP3 from CDBaby  Experience one of Peggy Tabor Millin's most popular workshops in this two-CD set. Our family defines us no matter how we define family; it leaves its mark on our features, our personalities, and our souls. Telling family stories provides a way to sort through who we … Continue reading FAMILY MATTERS: THE POWER OF PERSONAL STORY


Dreams often bring us totems and the totems bear gifts. These gifts can come in the form of initiations. They provide inspiration for our writing and our souls as we endeavor to apply the teachings to our daily lives. Totems Totem: (in some societies, especially among North American Indians) an object, species of animal or … Continue reading THE GIFT OF THE COUGAR

MOVING ON | Life’s transitions

Moving involves sorting through one's life. The stacks of cards and letters, the memories in each object. What matters in the matter I have collected? How much of the past do I wish to carry? Am I moving away or moving toward? It is time for me to use this blog more actively, especially to … Continue reading MOVING ON | Life’s transitions