Editing Services


Would you like personalized feedback on your writing?

All writers need feedback at one time or another for a myriad of reasons.You can be too close to your work to see how to improve it, or you may get in a muddle with the plot line of a novel or the organization of a nonfiction work.

Critique groups, writing workshops, or writer friends often provide all the feedback you need. On the other hand, such advice—especially from a group, can overwhelm you. If this is the case, or if you have no writing friend or group available, getting outside help may be for you.

Choosing an editor is like choosing a coach or counselor. You want a positive and supportive relationship with someone you can trust to tell you the truth about the strengths and needs of your work. This person should have expertise with writing and interest and knowledge of the content area, as well as sensitivity to the writer and the creative process.

Who is it for?

Writers who have a partially or entirely completed manuscript of:

  • nonfiction in an area of Peggy’s interest and experience: spirituality, Native Americans, self-help, personal growth, education, special education, psychology. Click here to see Peggy’s resume.
  • memoir of specific notable periods of the author’s life of interest to the reading public. Memoirs should be true and written in the style of fiction.

Fiction edited only for past or present ClarityWorks participants and coaching clients.

What is involved?

  • Together, client and editor delineate the goals and set timelines.
  • Services include: critique, content editing, structure, organization; on fiction, an assessment of character development, plot, theme, and overall flow.
  • The manuscript, in whole or part, is submitted in hard copy or email.
  • At predetermined intervals, the client and editor meet in person or by phone to review the suggestions.

How do I set up a program?

Fill out the inquiry form.
 You will receive a response telling you whether your project matches the services offered.

If so, you will be asked to:

  • submit 5 double-spaced pages of your manuscript
  • provide times available for a phone conversation with Peggy to discuss the project, services desired, and fees charged.