Practice Makes Possible

The only way to fail is to not write.
– Gail Sher 

Centered Writing Practice™ is a free writing technique that bypasses the linear left brain and opens the path for intuitive creative process. Even people who have done free writing before ( as recommended by such notables as Dorothea Brande, Brenda Ueland, Ray Bradbury, and Natalie Goldberg) find Centered Writing Practice™ has its own nuance and thus is experienced differently. The primary difference exists in the emphasis on physical awareness and neutral prompts (words, phrases, pictures, objects that do not  lead the writer toward any particular subject or revelation).

Centered Writing Practice™ challenges our self-perceptions: the one about not being good enough, the one about being too shy, too awkward, too lazy, too whatever that doesn’t measure up. We will not all be published, write a best seller, or be on a TV talk show. But none of these means we can’t write, or that we don’t write well, or that it is meaningless to put our story on paper.

Centered Writing Practice™ is practice for writing direct, honest prose, laying the groundwork for everything else we may want to write—short stories, novels, poems, columns, family histories, memoirs. Practice is freeing because it is practice—it’s the place to make mistakes, to explore, to wear our old clothes or no clothes at all, to be free from restraint. Practice is how we learn, and when we practice long enough we develop our own signature or style. We find our voice. We follow the pen to discover where we’re going and what we have to say.

Watch Peggy’s workshop at Malaprop’s below:

Centered Writing Practice™ disengages the inhibitor in the conscious mind allowing unconscious mind and heart, factual story and emotion, to merge. Through this merging, we tap into the well of creativity and truth deep within. The releasing of inhibition also brings about physiological changes that enhance the function of the immune system. When we write from the heart of our experience, the writing is juicy and good.

Centered Writing Practice™ focuses on writing process rather than product while providing the foundation for the elements of writing craft. No rules, goals, or expectations are put on the writer. While focused on writing to prompts as open-ended as “tomato” or “I remember the dress,” many participants experience life-changing insights. The purpose of the groups, however, is writing, not emotional support, personal growth, or therapy.