Zen Mind, Writer’s Mind 2020

An Online Writing Retreat For Women
If we were not so single-minded about keeping our lives moving, and could do nothing, perhaps a huge silence might interrupt the sadness of never understanding ourselves. —Pablo Neruda

Solitude and Silence

Friday, August 21, 7 pm – Sunday, August 23, 6 pm

As a precaution against the spread of Covid-19,  the Great Tree campus remains closed to the public until further notice and programs are offered online. During the retreat weekend, you are invited to create a quiet space wherever you are to nurture your creative spirit.

Join a virtual circle of women for silence, solitude, community, and writing practice—the four pillars of the writer’s life. The retreat is designed to provide ample time offline to write, eat, rest, and meditate as well time in circle to write to prompts and share our words. In this way, we intend as much as possible to create  a safe haven for exploring what in you wants to emerge through language.

You need not call yourself a writer or a meditator to learn Peggy’s Centered Writing Practice.

Limited to 10 Participants
Fee $75 – $125 – sliding scale available at registration
Links to the retreat and additional information about getting the most from the retreat will be sent to you within a  few days of the retreat.

However, this retreat is offered periodically through the year.

Check greattreetemple.org for more information.

I accept!

2 thoughts on “Zen Mind, Writer’s Mind 2020

  1. Bummer that I missed out in the August retreat….would have been a great 75th birthday 🎁 gift to myself. Hopefully I’ll get into the November session.

    Take care


    1. I’m sorry too, that you missed it, and will hope you get in November. I haven no control over the registration. If these two go well I will offer more, perhaps not all the Great Tree, but all on Zoom. Hope to see your smiling face sometime soon! Peggy


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