Mary’s Way: Cultivating a Peaceful Heart in Trying Times


by Peggy Tabor Millin
ISBN : 978-0-9823711-5-2
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In 1989, Peggy Tabor Millin joined a group of non-Catholics as chronicler on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, Bosnia, where Mary, mother of Jesus, had been appearing to a group of young people since 1981. Although she did not expect to be affected by her journey, what occurred changed her life, leading her along a path she calls “Mary’s way.” Twenty years later, she understood that Mary had been appearing in order to prepare us for what is happening now. Millin then knew she was to republish the book with a new subtitle to reflect the intent of the messages: Cultivating a Peaceful Heart in Trying Times.

This is a book about spiritual connections, about the use of Mary’s way in opening a deep communion with divine love, and about the possibility of transformation in our daily lives. Mary’s message is universal—individuals from all religious and spiritual paths will find guidance and inspiration.

Millin writes, “The spiritual journey has no goal, nothing tangible to grasp, not even a permanent state of being. Enlightenment comes in flashes of in-sight that last as long as they last. Such flashes arise from shifting our focus from the material world to the inner life of the soul. Our outer life then becomes a reflection of our inner reality: increasingly the heart rests in peace and selfless service replaces striving. This shift in focus rearranges our priorities; we give up what no longer serves this higher purpose and are occasionally surprised by glimpses of the resplendent ‘pearl of great price.’”

Mary’s Way is a graceful and thoughtful book of fresh ideas to inspire awe and wonderment of God. That the author is not a member of the clergy, affiliated with a particular denomination, nor cultural ideology makes the book especially intriguing. She beautifully and eloquently shares her moment of epiphany and how it continues to transform her life with the simple but profound message of love. This is a book for those who are willing to think deeply about the spiritual context of their own lives and open their minds to possibilities.

Mary’s Way is not a self-help, life-improvement, 5-step formula to perfection, of which there are far too many. This book is different. It is the book to keep by your bedside to soothe out a rough day, to read first thing in the morning for clarity and perspective, to give to your closest friends with whom you may speak seriously about matters of God and eternity. The author says, “I can no longer hide behind the maybe. I can say that I now believe that in God, anything and all things are possible.” She shares with us her journey and invites us to join. I am grateful for how this book has already impacted my life, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend it to others.

Deborah Cantrell, J.D., PhD. (Religion, Vanderbilt University)
Author, The Horseman of Israel: Horses and Chariotry in Monarchic Israel

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