ABC’s Robin Roberts asked Maya Angelou, “When did you know you were going to be a blessing?”

The poet answered, “I meant to be a blessing. I intended to be a blessing. I still do. It is my heart’s intent. My life depends on it–to be a blessing.”

The iris is the symbol of True Power.

Thinking about “being a blessing” as a life intention astounded me. I posted the quotation on Facebook and challenged people to make a list beginning “I am a blessing because…” before I began my own list.

When I did so, It didn’t take me long to have the realization that all of the answers to that “because” were add-ons. Angelou didn’t have any add-ons. I am a blessing period. No qualifications, no reasons given. “I am” is enough.

How I intend to fulfill being a blessing is answered by my own soul. Each of us knows how we might express being a blessing, no one else needs to know or even needs to see us as a blessing. It’s made me think, to stop and consider.

The hardest thing is for me to accept that I am a blessing simply by intending to be one. It’s a state of being, not of doing. There is no caveat. This is one of those tiny shifts in perception that changes not only me, but the world.

So I tell you: You are a blessing. Say aloud. “I am a blessing,” while looking in the mirror. Notice what arises within you. Write it one hundred times: I am a blessing. Wake up each morning and say it to yourself. Today I am a blessing.

I think such a mantra might change my life. How about you?